[Review] Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids

-F. 09 feb 2011

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Ayo whattup niggas n little nigglets this the god aka Stapleton's Finest otherwise known as Big Ghost nahmean! Ayo word bond Imma get into this little review n shit namsayin. But first off I wanna tell yall that even tho this the god joint n alla that a nigga gon approach this shit from actual actual non biased standpoints n shit nahmean. Thats my word. If the shit weak Imma tell yalls n if the shit a muthafuckin ace in the holes n shit Imma let yalls know namsayin. So without further ados n shit - boom. I gots yall niggas nahmean. Word. Ayo the first track a joint called Purified Thoughts. Ayo word this joint right here features two of the smartest niggas that the god know nahmean. Ayo I think the nigga Killah Priest got a nobel peace prize n shit namsayin. Word n the GZA a muthafuckin genius n alla that. That shit done been established by niggas namsayin. Wit that bein said tho ayo no doubt this shit right here is a bona fide miraculous moment captured in the most spectacular ways n shit. Yalls might shed tears when yalls hear this joint cos the shit mad deep ya know. Word. Ayo the next joint called Superstar n ayo between yalls n me...n to keep it totally 100 wit yalls...this joint right here like the hand of god composed that namsayin. This shit like when Moses stood before the pharoahs n the oceans parted namsayin. This shit be like some shit that Gandhi listen to n be like ayo this nigga right here inspirin me rite now namsayin. Not to blow my own dick or nothin like that but its more than likely that the nigga Gandhi might say some shit like that if he heard the joint nahmean. Ayo the next joint called Black Tequila n the niggas Cappa n Trife is on the shit namsayin. Ayo Imma give it to yalls straight tho. This joint rite here like some shit that if a broad listen to it while she ovulatin n shit she gon get seeded up G. Straight up. Ayo without gettin smashed or nothin namsayin. This some shit that might cause a baby to just appear in a broad womb n shit. This shit like a audio dick that might seed yalls bitches up without no real nut or nothin of that nature gettin in yalls wombs n shit. Word. Movin on to the next joint...the shit called Drama n it got the nigga Game n Joell Ortiz nahmean. I aint one to say the shit cool if its straight up trash n shit so Imma let yalls muthafuckas know right off the bat that this shit right here is like if Malcom X n Martin Luther King n Farrakhan did a joint together namsayin. Word. The next joint is 2getha Baby n yalls already know this shit a smash hit. Word yo n the shit be touchin niggas in they hearts n shit. Niggas thats in jail n shit be sendin a nigga kites sayin ayo this joint right here done changed a nigga life n shit. Matter fact this one nigga told me he was gon strangle his broad n shit over some other shit but then the joint came on the radio on Hot 97 n shit n the nigga stopped hisself n shit. Matter fact he hugged the broad instead namsayin. Thats the power of music nahmeans. If yalls want that. Yalls rappers out there can either make that pop ya pussy shit or yalls can inspire muthafuckas to not kill they muthafuckin broads n shit nahmean. The choice is yours n shit nigga. Use that power for righteous causes n shit. Ayo the next joint called Starkology n shit namsayin. Basically a nigga breakin down somethin that could nahmean end up bein a actual subject in yalls colleges n shit in the future. A nigga basically breakin down the science for yalls. So yalls niggas n yalls young girls out there thats gettin yalls educations n shit watch out for that. The next joint called In Tha Park namsayin. Ayo word bond when a nigga was makin this joint the god was thinkin bout when Napoleon painted the ceilings in that chapel n shit. A nigga was teleported to that moment in time like that nahmean. Word son the god had a outta body experience n shit. Ayo n then the nigga Black Thought jumped on the joint n basically - straight up n down the shit gon change lives n shit nahmean. The next joint called How You Like Me Baby n this shit right here somethin that gon make a lot yall broads need to change yalls panties n shit. A nigga mean that in the most humblest ways n shit but yalls broads is goin to be soakin yalls panties n shit. Straight up. The next song after that called Handcuffin Them Hoes n is basically some shit a nigga put together to uplift bitches n shit. Word a nigga might gon talk nasty bout hoes from time to time but at the end of the day the god respect yalls cos without yalls wouldnt be no babies or life or beautiful scents n shit like that so a nigga respect love n cherish yalls nahmean. Thats my word. Yalls is the mothers n sisters n daughters n waitresses n whatever else of the earth n deserve that love nahmeans. Ayo a nigga gettin tired n shit so Imma just say that the last few joints is absolutely incredible n alla that G. Ayo Imma keep it 100 wit yalls n just say that if Michael Jackson was here today n shit he might tell yalls himself that this joint is the closest that the world gon come to havin another Thriller n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga feel like the ghosts of Marvin Gaye n John Lennon was in him when he made this shit. If the shit is lies may lightning strike a nigga right here nahmean. This shit should make a nigga wanna stab a muthafucka wit a elephant tusk namsayin. Word.
Aight peace.

Reviews by other muthafuckas that heard the joint nahmean:

"My goodness this right here is marvelous and just astoundin. I would suggest to the Grammys that they consider this right here album for record of the year ya know. A+"
The NY Times

"Good golly miss molly this gon take yalls breaths away. Imma slap a elk to this namsayin. 5/5"
Time Magazine

"Ayo even tho Im the president n alla that I hear what this dude sayin n I approves this."
Barack Obama

"Word a nigga feel like he real disappointed wit how Illmatic came out now that he heard this joint namsayin"

"Whattup this Dr Dre nahmean. Ayo I was makin Detox n shit but this shit better so Imma hafta think bout that."
Dr Dre

"Ayo a nigga feel honored to be livin in a era when a dude like Ghostface gon make some art like this nahmean."
Nelson Mandela

"This shit right here gon revolutionize music forever. Even for white folks namsayin. ☆☆☆☆☆"
Rolling Stone

"Ayo this man possibly the best musician in the world...n quite possibly that ever was namsayin. I seen baby angels dance in the night sky when I was bumpin this."
The lead nigga in U2

"Hey ho howdy this is a incredible album fellas. CCCCC"
Regis Philbins


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BerichtGeplaatst: do 10 feb 2011 19:22:12 
Als ik Frank IRL zou kennen zou ik echt wel BFF's met em willen zijn.

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BerichtGeplaatst: do 10 feb 2011 19:41:22 
snap je
jullie zouden in principe allemaal bff's met mij kunnen worden
ik however
kan dat nooit
of ik moet een manier vinden om mezelf te klonen ...

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